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What are the available Result List display formats in EBSCOhost?

EBSCOhost users can view their Result List in four different display formats.

  • Standard - The Standard result list item format is essentially the brief format plus 195 characters of the abstract and a preview hover.

  • Title only - The Title result list item format displays the title only with no abstract or citation information.

  • Brief - The Brief result list item format displays the title and citation information but without any of the abstract.

  • Detailed - The Detailed result list item format displays the full abstract for each result list item.

EBSCO administrators can set one of these formats as the default Result List display format in EBSCOadmin by selecting from the Result List View drop-down menu on the Viewing Results tab.

EBSCOhost users can change the display format during their session by selecting one from the Page Options menu found at the top of the Result List.