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Why am I receiving "A system problem has occurred" message?

You may receive this error message using your browser's Back button rather than the navigation available within the interface. Rarely, data errors that can be corrected by EBSCO may also cause this error. We ask for your feedback to assist us in correcting any error you may encounter.

Please include the following to help us troubleshoot further:

  • Exact steps to duplicate - Include the specific search string along with the name of the database that you were searching. 

  • Web Browser information - Include version along with which Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome).

  • EBSCOhost URL that displayed when you received the error message - Copy the URL from your Browser's address bar when the error message displays.

  • View Source information from the error page:

    • In Firefox, select View>Page Source in the upper left hand corner and then select File>Save
    • In Internet Explorer, select View>Source in the upper left hand corner and then select File>Save 
    • In Chrome, click the Menu icon in the upper right-hand corner, select Tools and then click View Source.
  • EBSCOhost URL of previous screen prior to error message - Click on your browser's Back button and copy the URL from the Browser address bar of your previous screen.

 You can then e-mail the exact steps to duplicate, web browser information, EBSCOhost server URLs, and the saved file to

If you are receiving this error message when using EZproxy from the Database Selection Screen, please see the following FAQ:

When accessing EBSCOhost via EZproxy, a "System Problem has Occurred" error message displays.