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Which databases support PubMed LinkOut?

The list of databases that support PubMed LinkOut is shown below:  


Full Database Name Short Database Name              
Academic Search Complete a9h
Academic Search Elite afh
Academic Search Main Edition asm
Academic Search Premier aph
Advanced Placement Source aqh
Agriculture Plus agp
Alt HealthWatch awh
America: History & Life with Full Text Alumni Edition aha
America: History & Life with Full Text 31h
Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective asb
Applied Science & Technology Abstracts (H.W. Wilson) asa
Applied Science &Technology Full Text (H.W. Wilson) asf
Applied Science & Technology Index (H.W. Wilson) asi
Applied Science & Technology Index Retrospective: 1913-1983 (H.W. Wilson) ast
Applied Science & Technology Source aci
Arab World Research Source awr
Art & Architecture Complete vth
Art Abstracts (H.W. Wilson) aax
Art Full Text (H.W. Wilson) aft
Art Index (H.W. Wilson) aai
Art Index Retrospective 1929-1984 (H.W. Wilson) air
Art Source asu
Associates Programs Source oih
Associates Programs Source Plus p6h
Australia / New Zealand Points of View Reference Centre apr
Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre anh
Biography Collection Complete b5h
Biography Reference Center b6h
Biological & Agricultural Index Plus (H.W. Wilson) bai
Biomedical Reference Collection: Basic bmh
Biomedical Reference Collection: Expanded beh
Biomedical Reference Collection: Comprehensive byh
Biomedical Reference Collection: Corporate cxh
Bloomberg Businessweek Archive bwa
Book Collection Nonfiction: Elementary School n4h
Book Collection Nonfiction: High School n9h
Book Collection Nonfiction: Middle School n8h
Book Collection Nonfiction ndh
Book Review Digest Plus  brd
Business Abstracts with Full Text (H.W. Wilson) bft
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Reference Center bcr
Business Periodicals Index Retrospective: 1913-1982 (H.W. Wilson) bpr
Business Source Alumni Edition  bah
Business Source Complete bth
Business Source Corporate bch
Business Source Corporate Plus plh
Business Source Elite bsh
Business Source Main Edition bme
Business Source Premier buh
Canadian Points of View Reference Centre p3h
Canadian Reference Centre rch
Caribbean Search b7h
Central & Eastern European Academic Source e5h
CINAHL cin20
CINAHL Complete ccm
CINAHL Plus jlh
CINAHL Plus with Full Text rwh
CINAHL with Full Text rnh
Clinical Reference Systems prs
Communication & Mass Media Complete ufh
Communication Abstracts cax
Communication Source cms
Competency Watch cpw
Computer Source cph
Computers & Applied Sciences Complete iih
Consumer Health Complete cmh
Consumer Health Complete - EBSCOhost c9h
Corporate ResourceNet crh
Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text i3h
Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source Alumni Edition dsa
Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source ddh
EBSCO Biotechnology Collection: India bti
EBSCO Chemical Engineering Collection: India ece
EBSCO Engineering Collection: India  eeg
EBSCO Environmental Engineering Collection: India eei
EBSCO Geotechnology Collection: India  ebg
EBSCO Journals Service ejs
EBSCO Nanotechnology Collection: India eni
EBSCO Pharmacy Collection: India phi
EBSCO Polytechnic Studies Collection: India epi
EBSCOhost EJS Pay-Per-View Titles ejspv
EconLit with Full Text  eqh
Education Abstracts (H.W. Wilson eax
Education Full Text (H.W. Wilson) eft
Education Research Complete ehh
Education Source eue
Energy & Power Source enr
Engineering Source egs
English Language Learner Reference Center elr
Entrepreneurial Studies Source ent
Environment Complete eih
Ergonomics Abstracts ega
European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750 hev
Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text f3h
Fonte Acadêmica foh
Food Science Source fsr
Fuente Académica zbh
Fuente Académica Premier fua
General Science Abstracts (H.W. Wilson) gsa
General Science Full Text (H.W. Wilson) gft
GreenFILE 8gh
Health Business FullTEXT hbh
Health Business FullTEXT Elite heh
Health Policy Reference Center  her
Health Source - Consumer Edition hxh
Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition hch
Historical Abstracts with Full Text 30h
Historical Abstracts with Full Text Alumni Edition haa
History Reference Center khh
Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center cfh
Home Improvement Reference Center h4h
Hospitality & Tourism Complete hjh
Human Resources Learning Center l0r
Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective: 1907-1984 (H.W. Wilson) hsr
Humanities Abstracts (H.W. Wilson) hma
Humanities Full Text (H.W. Wilson) hft
Humanities Index Retrospective: 1907-1984 (H.W. Wilson) hmr
Humanities International Complete  hlh
Humanities Source hus
Index to Legal Periodicals and Books (H.W. Wilson) lpb
Index to Legal Periodicals & Books Full Text (H.W. Wilson) lft
Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective: 1908-1981 (H.W. Wilson) lpr
Information Technology Learning Center l4r
International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance with Full Text ibh
International Security & Counter Terrorism Reference Center  tsh
Jewish Studies Source jss
Leadership & Management Learning Center  l2r
Leadership & Management Learning Center Plus h2r
Legal Collection lgh
Legal Information Reference Center  lir
Legal Source lgs
LGBT Life qrh
LGBT Life with Full Text qth
Library & Information Science Source  lls
Library Literature & Information Science Full Text (H.W. Wilson)  llf
Library Literature & Information Science Index (H.W. Wilson) lii
Library Literature & Information Science Retrospective: 1905-1983 (H.W. Wilson) llr
LISTA with Full Text lih
Literary Reference Center lfh
Literary Reference Center Plus  lkh
MAS Complete mat
MAS High Search Main Edition  mae
MAS Ultra - School Edition ulh
MAS Ultra--Public Library Edition muh
MasterFILE Complete  f6h
MasterFILE Elite fth
MasterFILE Main Edition mfm
MasterFILE Premier f5h
MedicLatina lth
MEDLINE Complete  mdc
MEDLINE with Full Text mnh
Middle Search Plus mih
Military & Government Collection mth
Military Transition Support Center  myt
New Scientist Archive n2h
Newspaper Source Plus n5h
Nonprofit Organization Reference Center  nor
Nursing & Allied Health Collection: Basic nhh
Nursing & Allied Health Collection: Expanded nxh
Nursing & Allied Health Collection: Comprehensive nyh
OmniFile Full Text Mega (H.W. Wilson)  ofm
OmniFile Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson) ofs
The Philosopher's Index with Full Text  pif
Poetry & Short Story Reference Center prf
Points of View Reference Center pwh
Political Science Complete poh
Primary Search  prh
Professional Development Collection tfh
Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection pbh
Readers' Guide Abstracts (H.W. Wilson) rga
Readers' Guide Full Text Mega (H.W. Wilson)  rgm
Readers' Guide Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson)  rgs
Readers' Guide Retrospective: 1890-1982 (H.W. Wilson) rgr
Readers' Guide to Periodical Literaure (H.W. Wilson)  rgl
Referencia Latina  zah
Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source  rss
Religion & Philosophy Collection rlh
Risk Management Reference Center rkh
Sales & Marketing Learning Center l1r
Science & Technology Collection  syh
Science Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson) scf
Science Reference Center sch
Small Business Reference Center  b9h
Small Engine Repair Reference Center s9h
Social Sciences Abstracts (H.W. Wilson) ssa
Social Sciences Full Text (H.W. Wilson)  ssf
Social Sciences Index Retrospective: 1907-1983 (H.W. Wilson)  ssr
SocINDEX with Full Text sih
Sociological Collection slh
SPORTDiscus with Full Text s4h
STM Source asr
Sustainability Reference Center  sur
Sustainability Watch  suw
Texas Reference Center  tih
Textile Technology Complete the
The Nation Archive nih
The National Review Archive nch
The New Republic Archive fjh
TOC Premier tnh
UK/Ireland Reference Centre ukh
Vente et Gestion  frh
Vocational and Career Collection voh
Vocational Studies Complete v1h
Vocational Studies Premier  vsh
World History Collection wdh
World Politics Review  wpr