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Using Limiters with Newspaper Source

In Newspaper Source, how can I search for newspaper articles of a specific date?

To search for newspapers of a specific date in Newspaper Source, you can construct a Boolean query using the Date (DT) tag and the date format (YYYYMMDD).

For example: JN San Jose Mercury News AND DT 20040412 will list all San Jose Mercury News articles from 4/12/2004.


Why does the Peer Review Limiter display when I am only searching Newspaper Source or Newspaper Source Plus?

The Peer Review Limiter is a Common Limiter. As such, it will always display when you are searching multiple databases – even when not all of the databases being searched contain Peer Reviewed content.

To avoid records from these two products being included in result lists when the limiter is applied to a multi-database search, the limiter must be enabled and set to show within EBSCOadmin. When this is done, the limiter displays even if only one of these databases is being searched.

You may choose to disable the limiter. However, this means that your result set can include records from these products which are not Peer Reviewed.

For assistance with making changes to your EBSCOadmin account, please contact Technical Support at 800-758-5995 or contact us via email from our Support Site Contact Us page.