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How do I use the Suggest Subject Terms feature in EBSCOhost?

The Suggest Subject Terms feature assists users in obtaining more relevant results by utilizing EBSCO's controlled vocabulary and returning articles that have those subject terms assigned to them.

If enabled by your institution's administrator, you will see the Suggest Subject Terms check box above the Find field on the Basic or Advanced Search screens. When Suggest Subject Terms is checked, EBSCOhost will search the Subject Terms authority file with your keywords and suggest subject terms you can add to your search.

To use the Suggest Subject Terms feature:

  1. On the Basic or Advanced Search screen, ensure that the Suggest Subject Terms box is checked. (Your administrator may have set this feature to be checked automatically.)

  2. Enter your search terms in the Find field.

  3. Click Search. The Subject Terms browse screen is displayed with suggested terms available.

  4. Check the box of the subject term or terms you would like to search, choose a Boolean operator from the drop-down list, and click Add to add the terms to the Find field.

  5. Enter any additional keywords you would like to search in the Find field and click Search. A result list is displayed.

Note: When using truncation (e.g. diagnos*), EBSCOhost will not bypass the Suggest Subject Terms screen when Suggest Subject Terms is checked.