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Why am I getting a 'Session Timed Out' error message?

If you are getting a Session Timed Out error message when you are trying to access EBSCOhost, it may be due to the use of an expired link. When you initially log in, you are automatically redirected to a temporary URL that cannot be bookmarked. This problem can be fixed by either manually creating the bookmark and having it point to, or you can edit the existing bookmark to point to

If you were already logged into EBSCOhost when you got the Session Timed Out message, the problem may be in relation to one of two things:

  • It may be related to the use of the browser Back button. EBSCOhost does not support the use of the browser Back button, and we recommend using the Back button (or link) as it appears on the EBSCOhost interface.

  • It may have also be in relation to inactivity. EBSCOhost is set to time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.