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What is Persistent Linking to the Publication Details screen?

Persistent Linking to a Publication Details screen (Hierarchical Journal Authority File) takes place when EBSCOhost users link to a particular publisher's Publication Overview page, rather than to an article Result List. The Publication Details may contain a direct URL to the publisher, in addition to issue and volume detail links for content found within the database(s) currently being searched.

Some types of content do not support persistent linking to the Journal Authority File. For example, newswire databases such as Newspaper Source are processed differently than other databases, and do not offer persistent linking to the Journal Authority File.

We offer pre-constructed persistent links to journals, in our full text database title lists. Title lists and downloading instructions can be found within EBSCOadmin under the Database Title Lists Tab.

For additional details, see: How can I download MARC title lists from EBSCOadmin?

Note: Links to the Publication Overview screen only apply to selected databases.