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Managing EBSCOhost Persistent Links and Database Access Points


Each EBSCO database has a specific code that identifies it. This code can be used in a URL to link directly to a database. If access to a database is changed, for example a database is upgraded to a more comprehensive edition, the database code will change. While EBSCO will keep an older version of the database on a profile to ensure that access does not cease during the transition period, your direct links and access points must be updated to ensure seamless access to the new database.

Database Codes

Database codes can be found on the EBSCO Help Site at EBSCOhost Database Short Names List.

In the screenshot below there are two Business Source databases enabled on an EBSCOhost databases profile in EBSCOadmin. Business Source Complete has the database code of bth and Business Source Premier has the database code of buh.

EBSCOadmin - database codes

In this example, we say that Business Source Premier has been upgraded to Business Source Complete. The library would need to ensure that links and access points to databases are updated to reflect the correct database code.

For example, if a link on a LibGuide points to the following direct URL it will need to be updated to reflect the change in database code:


The correct link should be:


Where to check links

Anywhere that your users would access databases. For example:

  • LibGuides
  • Library website
  • Learning Management System/Course lists
  • Lecturers/academics who may use persistent links (case by case)

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