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MARC21 Records for EBSCOhost Full Text Databases

EBSCO offers MARC files for each of our proprietary, full text databases. These files are available free of charge, for customers to download through EBSCOadmin. Once a library has added records from these files into the library catalog, users can access the library's OPAC to find a particular journal, then seamlessly link to EBSCOhost.

Using our Persistent Links technology, a URL is added to the 856 field of the MARC record that will link the user to a list of the journals, volumes, and issues available from EBSCOhost. The MARC records are either derived from CONSER (Cooperative Online Serials) records supplied by the Library of Congress, or automatically generated by EBSCO, when no CONSER record is available. Records comply with MARC21 standards. For more information on MARC21, please refer to the Library of Congress web site

EBSCO also offers title lists in HTML and tab-delimited formats. These alternate formats are a good choice for customers who want to create a simple A-to-Z journal list on their web site, or who want to add titles to systems that do not readily accept a MARC record as input.

All of EBSCO's MARC21 records have an encoding level of five.