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Can I link to Infotrieve document delivery articles from EBSCOhost?

Under the terms of Infotrieve's Platinum-level agreement, customers accessing EBSCOhost online databases can purchase articles using Infotrieve's pay-per-view, complete text (formatted text and graphics) delivery service. This link is set up at the discretion of individual subscribing libraries and is enabled only when the complete text is not available locally. After searching and retrieving results, users are provided with links to the complete text of the library's available subscriptions. If the required text is still unavailable, a link to Infotrieve is automatically provided.

Once a purchase is initiated, the user links to an Infotrieve web page, where selected citations are placed into a shopping cart. At check-out, a single mouse click links the EBSCO customer directly to Infotrieve's secure e-commerce back end, where the transaction is handled via credit card, or by setting up an invoice account. If available, the document can be sent immediately (as a PDF) to the end user's desktop. Infotrieve ensures copyright compliance on all photocopied materials, offering access to one million complete text articles online and more than 100 million articles from more than 200,000 titles on paper.

Launched in 1987, Los Angeles-based Infotrieve is one of the largest independent document delivery and library services companies in the world. Through its international network of library, archive and publishing alliances, the company offers full-service online research and document delivery services and tools to simplify the process of identifying, retrieving and paying for published literature.

Infotrieve's mission is to facilitate efficient, affordable and innovative methods of distributing published materials to libraries and end users while protecting the rights of content creators. Infotrieve has an established reputation in the retrieval and delivery of printed material and is fast becoming the market leader in the delivery of electronic content. For more information, visit Infotrieve.