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How to Use EBSCOhost Connection

EBSCOhost Connection bridges the gap between search engines, such as Google, and the premium content in EBSCOhost. If you are affiliated with a library, university, school, or other institution that subscribes to EBSCOhost databases, you can access all material offered. Simply find your library and login.

How does EBSCOhost Connection Work?

You conduct your search using a web search engine such as Google. Results that include a URL of are available through EBSCOhost Connection. Clicking on the result displays the article citation on EBSCOhost Connection.

google results

If you are a recognized user, a brief citation and links to access the full-text of the article will be available.

EBSCOhost Connection

Simply click the ‘READ THE ARTICLE’ buttons or links to access the full-text article on EBSCOhost, courtesy of your local library.

EBSCOhost article detail

If you are not a recognized user, we will use your physical location to suggest nearby libraries in which you can access the EBSCOhost content. Just select your library from the list.

EBSCOhost Connection - physical location search for your library

You will then be prompted to enter your library patron information. After submitting this information, you will be redirected to the full-text article on EBSCOhost.

login screen

If your library is not listed, you can search for your library by name, city, state, zip code, or province.

search for your library by city, state, zip code

If your library is still not listed, please contact your local library and encourage them to participate in EBSCOhost Connection.

find your library screen