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How does EBSCO decide which articles it will index?

For EBSCO's proprietary databases, EBSCO provides cover-to-cover indexing and abstracts, regardless of article length or content, for all magazine or journal articles, as well as cover-to-cover full text for all magazine or journal articles for which we have rights, with the following exceptions:


  • Letters to the Editor: EBSCO only covers Letters to the Editor in scientific, medical and technical (STM) journals, when the letter is relevant to research, and generally over 100 words in length.
  • Poetry: EBSCO does not abstract poems.
  • Advertisements: EBSCO only covers advertisements when creating a PDF (full-page) image of an article that may include an advertisement on that same page. EBSCO does not index or abstract advertisements, and does not offer them in our Compound (text + graphics) Documents.
  • Table of Contents: EBSCO does not cover Table of Contents.
  • Supplements: EBSCO covers selected supplements.
  • Images: For PDF titles, EBSCO covers the entire magazine or journal, including any advertisements that may appear. In Compound Documents, EBSCO will process all images in the most popular and widely used magazines in our services. This includes charts, graphs, line art and drawings. EBSCO does not process images smaller than 1.5 inches per side. Some publications have no images processed due to contractual issues with the primary publisher.
  • Charts, Tables and Graphs: EBSCO processes the charts and graphs as part of the image policy mentioned above. EBSCO also provides ASCII versions of key charts, tables and graphs. This allows users to access information within the chart, table or graph via a keyword search. The ASCII presentation also allows users with non-graphic capabilities to access tabular data.
  • Newspapers and Newswires: Comprehensive full text with no indexing and abstracts is provided for the Christian Science Monitor, USA Today and FDCH Newspapers. Selected full text with no indexing and abstracts is provided for all other newspapers and newswires. Complete indexing and abstracts is provided for the New York Times. With comprehensive or selected coverage, EBSCO does not cover sports scores, movie and television listings, or obituaries (unless greater than a column in length and about a noted individual).
  • Directories, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias: EBSCO offers the full text of directories, dictionaries and encyclopedias.