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Google Scholar - Library Links FAQs

Does Google Scholar link with EBSCO?

Yes, EBSCO is a partner with Google's linking programs.  As a partner, Google Scholar can link with EBSCOhost full-text databases and e-journals, where available.

EBSCO has streamlined the process for users to move from a search result in Google or Google Scholar to the corresponding item in an EBSCOhost database by providing a combination of IP- addresses and permanent links to the available resource. This access is available to all IP-accessing customers who subscribe to applicable resources. Any customer can decide not to participate at any time simply by contacting to opt out. 

You can setup “Google Scholar Library Links (for EBSCOhost)” by accessing the sign up form available here.

If you are an EBSCO link resolver customer you may also have the option to expand linked titles via Google's Library Links program. 

I am an EBSCO link resolver customer and interested in learning more about enrolling my library in the Library Links program.

Customer Support can assist libraries that are customers of EBSCO's Open URL link resolver product and  want to display their library holdings  within a Google Scholar result list by setting up Full Text Finder.

If you would like to have your institution's library holdings displayed within Google Scholar results, please access the Full Text Finder sign up form available here.

To assist with set up on Google Scholar, the library should provide:

  • The full name of the library, for display on the Google Scholar Preferences Screen.

  • Keywords to help users find the library in Google Scholar preferences. (For example, the school nickname.)

  • The label for the links to the electronic full text. (For example, EBSCOhost Full Text.)(25 character limit, including spaces.)

  • Optional - The IP address ranges for the users. (For example, on-campus students, or patrons in the library.) This information, by default, is pulled automatically from EBSCOadmin using the customer information you specified. IP authenticated users will see the links by default. If they use any other authentication method, they can view the links by selecting the library on the Google Scholar Preferences Screen.

  • Optional - Authenticate though Proxy designated in EBSCOadmin

Why does Google Scholar not recognize my IP address?

If your computer is not in the IP range provided to Google Scholar or if you are accessing from your home computer, the EBSCOhost links will not appear automatically. However, you can set up Library Links from Google Scholar to EBSCOhost in Scholar Preferences.