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Gideon Online - FAQs

Q. What URL is used to access Gideon Online?

The following URL should be used to access Gideon Online:,uid&site=gideon&return=y

Users will stop at the Select Service screen, which is a necessary step in the authentication process for this database.

Q. How do I access GIDEON through my proxy server?

To enable access to GIDEON through your proxy server:

Use the following URL to access:

Setup your proxy server to proxy these two domains:

If you are using EZproxy, please use the following configuration:

Title GIDEON Online
Find ='http://
Replace ='http://

Q. Where can I find helpful information (tutorials, FAQs, etc.) regarding GIDEON?

You can find helpful information regarding GIDEON at the following link to their website:

The GIDEON Resources page includes:

  • Features
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Free Downloads
  • and more

Read GIDEON FAQs at the following page:

View GIDEON Tutorials at the following page:

You can learn more about GIDEON at the following link: