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Frequently Asked Z39.50 Questions

What services do we support?
We support the INIT, SEARCH, PRESENT, SCAN, and CLOSE services.

What format will the records be retrieved in?
EBSCOhost supplies database records in MARC 21 format only. The records may contain URLs that link to full text on the Web (in PDF or HTML format). EBSCO databases also contain full text, which can be retrieved in MARC 21 or SUTRS record format. The SUTRS record format supports deliver in plain text or HTML.

What record syntax is used?
The record syntax is Marc 21. MARC 21 has a number of semantic profiles. Each profile gives you indications of field usage for a specific use. We use a bibliographic/serial field usage for our records and authority profile for our authority records.

What Bib-1 attribute sets do we support?
We support the Use, Relation and Truncation BIB-1 attribute sets with different specific attributes on a per-database level.

What element sets do we support?
We support the Brief (b), Full (f) and Text (t) element sets.

Do we support the Bath Profile?
We are Version 3 compliant and we support elements of Level 0 of the profile. For further details, please see: Is EBSCOhost compliant with the Z39.50 Bath profile?

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