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Exporting EBSCO Citations to EndNote - FAQs

Can I export citations from EBSCOhost to EndNote?

Yes, citations can be exported from EBSCOhost (and other EBSCO interfaces) to EndNote.


How do I Direct Export citations to EndNote using Firefox?

To export citations to EndNote with Firefox:

  1. After selecting the items to export in your folder, click Export.

  2. On the export manager, make sure the radio button next to Direct Export to EndNote is selected and click Save.

  3. On the Opening Delivery box, click Open With and choose Web Export Helper (default) from the drop down list.

  4. Mark the check box for Do this Automatically for files like this from now on.

  5. Click OK to save.


Why are my EndNote citation exports not properly appearing in my citation list?

Unfortunately, EndNote is not fully compliant with the standard *.ris format for citations. However, you can configure your EndNote application to read these files properly.

To configure EndNote:

  1. Place the RefMan RIS EndNote filter (download available here) into your EndNote Filters folder. For Windows users, this folder should be located at C:Program FilesEndNote XFilters. Windows will prompt to ask if you would like to replace this file. Click Yes.

  2. Then, go back to LinkSource and click on the link Export Citation to EndNote or Reference Manager. You should be prompted to open the file in EndNote.

  3. Once EndNote opens and displays your citation, please be aware that the Start Page and End Page fields (in the individual EndNote Citation) are not coded properly. This is a limitation of EndNote’s filter function compliance with the .RIS format. To remedy this problem, manually copy and paste the page information from the Pages field.


Why are my exported citations appearing in Zotero, and not in EndNote?

Zotero is a free bibliographic manager plugin for FireFox that is compatible with EBSCOhost. When Zotero is active, exported citation information is sent to it by default, even if the Zotero Export Manager – Direct Export to EndNote option is selected.

To avoid this default behavior, complete the following steps:

  1. From the browser menu, select Tools>Add Ons.

  2. Select Zotero from the Add On list. Click Options.

  3. Under General, uncheck the Use Zotero for downloaded RIS/Refer Files.

  4. Click OK. (You may need to restart your browser.)

  5. After you have completed these steps, please attempt to export your articles to Endnote.

Completing this process will allow you to export to Endnote. By default, Zotero intercepts exported citations that use the standard file format RIS (Research Information Systems). EBSCOhost exports citations to Endnote in this format. With this option unchecked, other vendor content that exports in this format may not be captured by Zotero.

For more information about Zotero, click here.


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