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EBSCOhost Premium Channel on QUOSA - FAQs

Q. What is the EBSCO and QUOSA partnership?

A. This partnership enables mutual customers to utilize EBSCOhost, one of the most-used premium online research services in corporations and institutions around the world, in conjunction with QUOSA’s powerful management tools to monitor scientific literature and manage related workflows.

With the new EBSCOhost Premium Channel, mutual customers will be able to use the full EBSCOhost search functionality to identify relevant articles and alerts, and save the full text or abstracts onto their desktops or into the QUOSA Virtual Library with a single click. The content is then immediately available in QUOSA in a copyright compliant manner for full-text searching, analysis, annotation, and report generation — ensuring maximum productivity when working with EBSCOhost content.

Q. Who can access the EBSCOhost Premium Channel on QUOSA?

Mutual customers of EBSCO and QUOSA can use the EBSCOhost Premium Channel.

Q. How should I contact if I need assistance with using the EBSCOhost Premium Channel on QUOSA?

If you need assistance with using the EBSCOhost Premium Channel on QUOSA, please contact Elsevier support via the following page: