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EBSCOhost Database Short Names List

If you are looking for a database short name (also known as a database code) that is not listed here, you can find short names for all of your institution's subscribed databases in EBSCOadmin on the Databases sub-tab of your EBSCOhost or EBSCO Discovery Service profile.

To learn how to use these short names to create direct links to your EBSCOhost databases, please see: How do I set up direct links to EBSCOhost profiles and/or databases?

Full Database Name Short Database Name
Abstracts in Social Gerontology 27h
Academic Search Alumni Edition a2h
Academic Search Complete a9h
Academic Search Elite afh
Academic Search Main Edition  asm 
Academic Search Premier  aph 
Academic Search Ultimate asn
Accounting & Finance Learning Center l3r 
Advanced Placement Source  aqh 
Advanstar Communications Collection  apv 
Advertising Periodicals, 1815-1888  apd 
Africa-wide NiPAD  awn 
African American Archives  fnu 
African American Historical Series Collection  h7i 
AgeLine gnh
Agricola agr
Agricultural Periodicals from the Southern, Midwestern,
and Western U.S., 1800-1878 
AHFS Consumer Medication Information  l0h 
Alt-HealthWatch awh
Alternative Medicine and Health, 1810-1877  alm 
Alternative Press Index  apn 
Alternative Press Index Archive  alr 
AMA Archive  veh 
AMED (Alternative Medicine) amed
America: History & Life ahl
America: History & Life with Full Text  31h 
American Antiquarian Society (AAS)
Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 1
American Antiquarian Society (AAS)
Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 2
American Antiquarian Society (AAS)
Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 3
American Antiquarian Society (AAS)
Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 4
American Antiquarian Society (AAS)
Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 5
American Bibliography of Slavic & Eastern European Studies sbh
American Diabetes Association Collection aoh
American Heritage Children's Dictionary dch
American Humanities Index hhh
American Revolution Archives  fnv 
American Theological Library Association (ATLA)
Historical Monographs Collection: Series 1 
American Theological Library Association (ATLA)
Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 
Anthropological Index Online ani 
Anthropological Literature  anl 
Anthropology Plus  ant 
AOM Archive  vfh 
Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective: 1913-1983 (H.W. Wilson)   asb 
Applied Science & Technology Abstracts (H.W. Wilson) asa
Applied Science & Technology Full Text (H.W. Wilson) asf 
Applied Science & Technology Index (H.W. Wilson) asi 
Applied Science & Technology Index Retrospective 1913-1983 (H.W. Wilson)  ast 
Applied Science & Technology Source  aci 
Applied Science & Technology Source Ultimate aps
Arab e-Marefa  aed 
Arab World Research Source awr
Architectural Digest Archive ada
Arctic and Antarctic Regions  fih 
Art Abstracts (H.W. Wilson) aax
Art & Architecture Complete  vth 
Art & Architecture Index 0ah
Art Full Text (H.W. Wilson) aft 
Art Index (H.W. Wilson) aai 
Art Index Retrospective: 1929-1984 (H.W. Wilson) air
Art Museum Image Gallery (H.W. Wilson) ami 
Art Museum Image Gallery Special Collection (H.W. Wilson)  ams 
Art Source  asu 
Arte Publico Hispanic Historical Collection: Series 1  h6a 
Articles by Wharton Faculty wah
Associated Press Images Collection apg
Associates Program Source oih
Associates Programs Source Plus p6h
ATLA reh
ATLA Catholic Periodical and Literature Index vah
ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials rfh
ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials PLUS lsdar
ATLASerials, Religion Collection a6h
ATLASerials, Religion Collection PLUS lsdah
Audiobook Collection  nlabk 
Audiobook Premier Collection a700xna 
Audiobook Premier Collection - World Wide a700xww 
Audiobook Subscription Blackstone Canada ab09bca 
Audiobook Subscription Blackstone - US ab09bus 
Audiobook Subscription Blackstone - Worldwide ab09bww 
Audiobook Subscription Tantor - US & Canada at09buc 
Audiobook Subscription Tantor - Worldwide at09bno 
Audiobook Youth Collection - North America a763mna 
Audiobook Youth Collection - World Wide a763mww
Australia/New Zealand Points of View Reference Center  apr 
Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre anh
Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals bvh
Bibliography of Native North Americans fph
Biography Collection b4h
Biography Collection Complete b5h
Biography Index Past & Present (H.W. Wilson)  bit 
Biography Index Retrospective: 1946-1983 (H.W. Wilson)  bir 
Biography Reference Bank (H.W. Wilson)  brb 
Biography Reference Center  b6h 
Biological & Agricultural Index Plus (H.W. Wilson)   bai  
Biological Abstracts  bxh 
Biological Abstracts Archive: 1926-1968  baa 
Biological Abstracts 1969-present  boh 
Biomedical Reference Collection: Basic bmh
Biomedical Reference Collection: Comprehensive byh
Biomedical Reference Collection: Corporate cxh
Biomedical Reference Collection: Expanded beh
BIOSYS Previews lsdbip
BIR Entertainment  kfh 
Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management Library lmh
Bloomberg Businessweek Archive  bwa 
Book Collection: Nonfiction ndh
Book Collection: Nonfiction: Elementary School Edition n4h
Book Collection: Nonfiction: High School Edition n9h
Book Collection: Nonfiction: Middle School Edition n8h
Book Index with Reviews kdh
Book Review Digest Plus (H.W. Wilson) brd
Britannica Biography Collection  bgh 
Britannica Online Collection  qoh 
British Education Index  bri 
British Nursing Index bnh
Business, Industrial and Professional Periodicals, 1774-1858  tpp 
Business Abstracts with Full Text (H.W. Wilson)  bft 
Business Book Summaries qbh
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Reference Center  bcr 
Business Periodicals Index Retrospective: 1913-1982 (H.W. Wilson)  bpr 
Business Source Alumni Edition bah
Business Source Complete bth
Business Source Corporate bch
Business Source Corporate Plus  plh 
Business Source Elite bsh
Business Source Main Edition  bme 
Business Source Premier buh
Business Source Ultimate bsu
CAB Abstracts lah
CAB Abstracts 1990-present lbh
CAB Abstracts Archive ldh
Canadian Literary Centre cjh
Canadian Literary Journals  joh 
Canadian Nurses Association Collection  c0h 
Canadian Periodicals, 1790-1877  cap 
Canadian Points of View Reference Centre  p3h 
Canadian Reference Centre rch
Canadian Reference Centre Main Edition  crm 
Canadian Sports Database  2ch 
Cancer Center of Excellence (COE)  1mh 
CancerLit can
Cardiovascular Center of Excellence (COE) 1jh 
Caribbean Search  b7h 
Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, and Episcopal Periodicals, 1979-1904  clp 
Central & Eastern European Academic Source  e5h 
Chemical Hazard Information Library  che 
Chicano Database  chd 
Child Development & Adolescent Studies fgh
Children's Core Collection (H.W. Wilson)  ccx 
Chinese Insight arl
Christian Periodical Index 33H
CINAHL  cin20 
CINAHL Complete ccm 
CINAHL Plus jlh
CINAHL Plus with Full Text rzh
CINAHL with Full Text c8h
Civil War Primary Source Documents  h5c 
Clinical Knowledge Summaries  cks 
Clinical Reference Systems prs
Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials cgh
Cochrane Clinical Answers lsdcca
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) chh
Cochrane Methodology Register (CMR) cmr
Communication & Mass Media CompleteTM ufh
Communication Abstracts  cax 
Communication Science and Disorders ynh
Communication Source  cms 
Competency Center  cpw 
Computer Science Index ckh
Computer Source: Consumer Edition cph
Computers & Applied Sciences Complete iih
Consumer Health Complete cmh
Consumer Health Complete on EBSCOhost c9h
Consumer Health Information - Arabic  chia 
Consumer Health Information - English  chi 
Consumer Health Information - Farsi  chif 
Consumer Health Information - French (Canadian) chin 
Consumer Health Information - German  chig 
Consumer Health Information - Hindi chih 
Consumer Health Information - Italian chii 
Consumer Health Information - Japanese chij 
Consumer Health Information - Korean chik 
Consumer Health Information - Polish chip 
Consumer Health Information - Portuguese chit 
Consumer Health Information - Russian  chir 
Consumer Health Information - Simplified Chinese  chis 
Consumer Health Information - Spanish  chs 
Consumer Health Information - Tagalog  chix 
Consumer Health Information - Traditional Chinese  chic 
Consumer Health Information - Vietnamese  chiv 
Consumer Health Main Edition  chm 
Corporate ResourceNet crh
Criminal Justice Abstracts  cja 
Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text  i3h 
CRN Proprietary crn
CrossRef srh
Current Abstracts cuh
Current Biography Illustrated (H.W. Wilson) cbi
Current Events and History Periodicals, 1691-1912  cep 
Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects dah
Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source  ddh 
Drama, Humor, and Fine Arts Periodicals, 1764-1877  dap 
DynaMed  dme 
eBook Collection  nlebk 
eBook Academic Collection  - North America e000xna 
eBook Academic Collection  - World Wide e000xww 
eBook Arabic Collection  - World Wide e065sww
eBook Business Collection  - North America e020mna 
eBook Business Collection  - World Wide e020mww 
eBook BusinessCore  e220xww 
eBook Canadian Collection  e700sca 
eBook Caribbean Collection  - World Wide e045mww
eBook Clinical Collection  e600xww 
eBook Community College Collection  e900xww 
eBook Comprehensive Academic Collection - North America e025xna
eBook Comprehensive Academic Collection - World Wide e025xww
eBook Education Collection e095mww
eBook EngineeringCore  e230xww 
eBook German Collection  e085xww 
eBook High School Collection  e862xna 
eBook History Collection  - North America e089mna 
eBook History Collection  - World Wide e089mww 
eBook ITCore  e250xww 
eBook K-8 Collection  e860xna 
eBook Leadership & Management Starter Collection  e276sww 
eBook Poetry & Short Story Reference Center  e092sww 
eBook Public Library Collection  - North America e700xna 
eBook Public Library Collection  - World Wide e700xww 
eBook Religion Collection  - North America e093mna 
eBook Religion Collection  - World Wide e093mww 
eBook Subscription Super Collection e010xww
eBooks for FE Collection (UK) e000muk
Hiperkitap (eBook Collection) e011xww
EBSCO Biotechnology Collection: India  bti 
EBSCO Business Basics bub
EBSCO Chemical Engineering Collection: India  ece 
EBSCO Engineering Collection: India  eeg 
EBSCO Environmental Engineering Collection: India  eei 
EBSCO Geotechnology Collection: India  ebg 
EBSCO MegaFILE  keh 
EBSCO Nanotechnology Collection: India  eni 
EBSCO Pharmacy Collection: India  phi 
EBSCO Polytechnic Studies Collection: India  epi 
EBSCOlearn Ranger Rick rrh
ECA Full Text Collection  e1h 
Econlit ecn
Econlit with Full Text eoh
Economia y Negocios  agh 
Education Abstracts (H.W. Wilson) eax
Education Full Text (H.W. Wilson)  eft 
Education Index Retrospective: 1929-1983 (H.W. Wilson)  eir 
Educational Administration Abstracts 20h
Education Research Complete ehh
Education Source Product  eue 
EMBASE  eba 
Encyclopedia of Australian Mammals  mmh 
Energy & Power Source  enr 
Enfermeria al Dia  nre 
Engineering Source  egs 
English Language Learner Reference Center  elr 
English Patient Education  pen 
Entrepreneurial Studies Source  ent 
Environment Complete eih
Environment Index egh
E-Journals eoah
Ergonomics Abstracts  ega 
ERIC eric
Essay & General Literature Index (H.W. Wilson) egi
Essay & General Literature Index Retrospective (H.W. Wilson)  egr 
European Views of the Americas 1493 to 1750  hev 
Family & Society Studies Worldwide flh
Family Studies Abstracts 26h
Federal Research in Progress fed 
Fiction Core Collection (H.W. Wilson)  fcx 
Film & Television Literature Index fah
Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text f3h
Financial Times  fit 
Fish, Fisheries & Aquatic Biodiversity Worldwide ffw
Fonte Academica foh 
Food Science & Technology Abstracts  ffh 
Food Science Source fsr
Forbes Archive  fba 
Foreign Language Periodicals in America, 1684-1904  flp 
Frick Art Reference Library Periodicals Index  fai 
Fuente Academica zbh
Fuente Academica Plus fap
Fuente Academica Premier  fua 
Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia funk
GalleryWatch CRS Reports glw
Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Literature Index puh
Gender Studies Database fmh
General Science Abstracts (H.W. Wilson) gsa
General Science Full Text (H.W. Wilson)  gft 
General Science Collection gsh
GeoRef geh
GeoRef in Process guh
GIDEON (Global Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Network) gqh
Global Health lhh
Global Health Archive gha
Graphic Novels Core Collection (H.W. Wilson)  gnx 
GreenFILE 8gh
Health & Psychosocial Instruments hpi
Health Business FullTEXT hbh
Health Business FullTEXT Elite heh
Health News  nrcn 
Health News (Spanish)  hns 
Health Policy Reference Center  her 
Health Source: Consumer Edition hxh
Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition hch
Health Technology Assessments hta
HEED: Health Economic Evaluations Database  hed 
HeinOnline Code of Federal Regulations lsdcf
HeinOnline Federal Register lsdfr
HeinOnline Legal Classics lsdlc
HeinOnline US Congressional Documents lsduc
HeinOnline World Constitutions Illustrated lsdwc
Historical Abstracts hia
Historical Abstracts with Full Text  30h 
History or Science, Technology and Medicine  htm 
History Reference Center khh
Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center  cfh 
Home Improvement Reference Center  h4h 
Hoover's Company Capsules hcap
Hoover's Company Profiles hpro
Hospitality & Tourism Index hoh
Hospitality & Tourism Index Complete hjh
Human Resources Abstracts 22h
Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective: 1907-1984 (H.W. Wilson)  hsr 
Humanities Abstracts (H.W. Wilson) hma
Humanities Full Text (H.W. Wilson)  hft 
Humanities Index Retrospective: 1907-1984 (H.W. Wilson) hmr 
Humanities International Complete hlh
Humanities International Index hgh
Humanities Source  hus 
Humanities Source Ultimate hsi
Index to Printed Music ipm
Index Islamicus ich
Index to 19th-Century Anerican Art Periodicals  iap 
Index to Jewish Periodicals jph
Index to Legal Periodicals & Books (H.W. Wilson) lpb
Index to Legal Periodicals & Books Full Text (H.W. Wilson)  lft 
Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective: 1908-1981 (H.W. Wilson)  lpr 
Information Science & Technology Abstracts izh
Information Technology Learning Center  l4r 
Inside Serials and Conference Proceedings  edsbl 
Inspec inh
Inspec Archive ieh
Institutional Repository Database  ird 
Insurance Periodicals Index iph
International Bibliography of Theater & Dance iyh
International Bibliography of Theater & Dance with Full Text ibh
International Pharmaceutical Abstracts ipa
International Political Science Abstracts ijh
International Security & Counter Terrorism Reference Center tsh
Internet & Personal Computing Abstracts  iqh 
Jewish Studies Source  jss 
L'Année philologique   lnp 
Arte Publico Hispanic Historical Collection: Series 2 h6b 
Leadership & Management Learning Center  l2r 
Leadership & Management Learning Center plus  h2r 
The Left Index fqh
Legal Collection lgh
Legal Information Reference Center  lir 
Legal Information Reference Center Main Edition  lcm 
Legal Source  lgs 
LGBT Life qrh
LGBT Life w/Full Text qth
Library Literature & Information Science Retrospective: 1905-1983 (H.W. Wilson)  llr 
LIBROS EN VENTA en América Latina y España vlh
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) lxh
Library & Information Science Source  lls 
Library Literature & Information Science Full Text (H.W. Wilson)  llf 
Library Literature & Information Science Index (H.W. Wilson) lii 
LISTA with Full Text lih
Literary Reference Center lfh
Literary Reference Center Main Edition lrm 
Literary Reference Center Plus  lkh 
MagillOnLiterature m0h
MagillOnLiterature Plus mjh
MainFile  mfi 
MAS Complete  mat 
MAS High Search Main Edition  mae 
MAS Ultra - School Edition ulh
MAS Ultra--Public Library Edition muh
Masons, Odd-Fellows and Other Societal Periodicals, 1794-1877  msp 
MasterFILE Complete  f6h 
MasterFILE Elite fth
MasterFILE Main Edition mfm 
MasterFILE Premier f5h
MasterFILE Select mfh
McClatchy-Tribune Collection krh
MedicLatina lth
MEDLINE Complete  mdc 
MEDLINE with Full Text mnh
Mental Measurements Yearbook loh
Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print  mmt 
Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print Internacional ppe
Middle & Junior High School Core Collection (H.W. Wilson)  mjx 
Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies fxh
Middle Search Main Edition  mme 
Middle Search Plus mih
Military & Government Collection mth
Military and Law Enforcement Periodicals, 1691-1877  mle 
Military Transition Support Center  myt 
MLA Directory of Periodicals kah
MLA International Bibliography mzh
MLA International Bibliography with Full Text mlf
Music Catalog - Library of Congress  mcg 
The Music Index mah
The Nation Archive nih
The Nation Archive (DFG)  dfn 
The Nation Archive Premium Edition n0h
National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts ncj
The National Review Archive nch
Native American Archives  fnw 
Natural & Alternative Treatments  wfh 
NCA Collection  ueh 
New Scientist Archive n2h
The New Republic Archive fjh
The New Republic Archive (DFG)  dfg 
New Testament Abstracts rvh
Newspaper Source nfh
Newspaper Source Plus n5h 
Newswires nsm 
Non-Book Materials Core Collection (H.W. Wilson)  nbm 
NHS Economic Evaluation Database eed
Nonprofit Organization Reference Center  nor 
NTIS nts
NoveList noh
NoveList K-8 nnh
NoveList Plus neh
NoveList Plus K-8 njh
Nursing & Allied Health Collection: Basic nhh
Nursing & Allied Health Collection: Comprehensive nyh
Nursing & Allied Health Collection: Expanded nxh
Nursing Reference Center (NRC) nrc
Nursing Reference Center with PERC  npr 
Old Testament Abstracts oah
OmniFile Full Text Mega (H.W. Wilson)  ofm 
OmniFile Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson)  ofs 
OpenDissertations ddu
Patient Education Reference Center (PERC) perc
Peace Research Abstracts 24h
PEP Archive pph
Periodicals of the American West, 1779-1881  paw 
Petroleum Abstracts TULSA Database  pta 
The Philosopher's Index phl
The Philosopher's Index with Full Text pif
Play Index (H.W. Wilson)  pix 
Poetry & Short Story Reference Center  prf 
Points of View Reference Center pwh
Political Science Complete poh 
Polymer Library  ply 
Popular Educational Periodicals, 1758-1889  eup 
Primary Search  prh 
Primary Search Main Edition  pme 
Professional Development Collection tfh
Professional Development Collection Main Edition  pde 
PsycBOOKS pzh
PsycEXTRA pxh
Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection pbh
PsycINFO psyh
PsycTESTS  pst 
PSYNDEX: Literature and Audiovisual Media with PSYNDEX Tests  pdx 
Public Administration Abstracts 21h
Public Affairs Index  p4h 
Public Library Core Collection: Non-Fiction (H.W. Wilson)  plx 
Race Relations Abstracts 25h
Readers' Guide Abstracts (H.W. Wilson) rga
Readers' Guide Full Text Mega (H.W. Wilson)  rgm 
Readers' Guide Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson)  rgs 
Readers' Guide Retrospective: 1890-1982 (H.W. Wilson) rgr 
Readers' Guide to Periodical Literaure (H.W. Wilson)  rgl 
Referencia Latina  zah 
Regional Business News bwh
Regional Business News Plus  rps 
Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source  rss 
Rehabilitation Reference Center  rrc 
Religion & Philosophy Collection rlh
Religious Periodicals for Women, Children, and Families, 1804-1878  rpw 
Research Starters - Business e6h
Research Starters - Education e0h
Research Starters - Sociology  rst 
Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals (RIPM) rph
RILM Abstracts of Music Literature (1967 - Present Only) rih
RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text rft
RILM Abstracts of Music Literature  ram 
RIPM Online Archive of Music Periodicals  rda
RIPM Preservation Series: European & North American Music Periodicals usg
Risk Management Reference Center rkh
RISM Series A/II: Music Manuscripts after 1600 rsm
Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies  rsb 
Salud en Español h3h
Salud para todos ish
Science & Technology Collection  syh 
Science Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson)  scf 
Science Reference Center sch
Science Reference Center Main Edition  sme 
Scientific Periodicals, 1771-1901  scp 
Sears List of Subject Headings (H.W. Wilson) sar 
Sears: Lista de Encabezamientos de Materia (H.W. Wilson)  slm 
Senior High School Core Collection (H.W. Wilson)  shx 
The Serials Directory ser
Shock & Vibration Digest 29h
Short Story Index (H.W. Wilson) ssx
Short Story Index Retrospective: 1915-1983 (H.W. Wilson)  sxr 
Slavery and Abolition, 1789-1887  sla 
Small Business Reference Center  b9h 
Small Business Reference Center Main Edition  sbm 
Small Engine Repair Reference Center s9h
Social Sciences Abstracts (H.W. Wilson) ssa
Social Sciences Full Text (H.W. Wilson)  ssf 
Social Sciences Index Retrospective: 1907-1983 (H.W. Wilson)  ssr 
Social Work Abstracts  swh 
Society for Military History Full Text Collection  smf 
SocINDEX snh
SocINDEX with Full Text sih
Sociological Collection slh
Sociology Source Ultimate sxi
Spanish Health Database csh
SPORTDiscus sph
SPORTDiscus with Full Text s3h
STM Abstracts  tmh 
STM Source asr
Sustainability Reference Center  sur 
Sustainability Watch  suw 
Teacher Reference Center  trh 
Texas Reference Center  tih 
Textile Technology Complete teh
Textile Technology Index tdh
TOPICsearch tth
TOC Premier EBSCO tnh
UK/Ireland Reference Centre ukh
ULAKBIM Ulusal Veri Tabanlan (UVT) (ULAKBIM Turkish National Databases)  uvt 
United States Bureau of Investigation Case File Archives  fnx 
Urban Studies Abstracts 23h
Vente et Gestion  frh 
Violence & Abuse Abstracts 28h
Vocational and Career Collection voh
Vocational Studies Complete v1h
Vocational Studies Premier  vsh 
Water & Oceans Worldwide wrw
Wildlife & Ecology Studies Worldwide fzh
Women's Periodicals of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century, 1733-1844  wpe 
Women's Studies International fyh
World Biographies Collection  wbh 
World Book Encyclopedia weh
World Book Encyclopedia International wih
World Book Periodical Database  wph 
World History Collection wdh
World Politics Review  wpr 
World Textiles  wta 
World War II Archives  fny 
Zoological Record lsdzor