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EBSCO ILS Linking Initiatives

Since the late 1990s, EBSCO has collaborated with the major ILS vendors (Ex Libris, Endeavor Information Systems, Innovative Interfaces, Sirsi, etc.) to develop linking between EBSCOhost and their ILS systems. Our ongoing efforts keep EBSCOhost's integration with the various ILS modules at the cutting edge of modern technologies. EBSCO's main areas of integration include:

  • Linking to all Web-based OPACs
    Customers can search EBSCOhost databases and link directly from the records they find in EBSCO databases to records in their library catalogs. These links are usually ISSN- or journal-title based and controlled by the libraries' local collections so that links to an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) appear only on relevant records.

  • Records in MARC, Tab-Delimited, or HTML Format
    EBSCOhost records are available in MARC, Tab-Delimited, or HTML formats that can be downloaded into ILS systems and used as reading lists, course syllabi, or as part of the library catalog. These records link back to EBSCOhost via Persistent Links. EBSCO Persistent Links are designed so that user information is not part of the link, which makes it easy for customers to share information. The authentication step takes place when the link is clicked using technology that makes most links seamless.

  • Compatibility with Metasearch Engines
    EBSCOhost is compatible with metasearch or federated search engines and can be searched via OEMDirectXML or Z39.50 protocol. This feature allows metasearch engine users to search multiple vendors-including EBSCO-at the same time and see search results via the library's proprietary interface.

  • OpenURL Compliance
    EBSCOhost is OpenURL 0.1 and OpenURL 1.0 SAP1 (San Antonio Profile 1) compliant, making EBSCOhost both a source and a target for linking servers. SFX from Ex Libris, LinkFinderPlus from Endeavor, and linking servers from other ILS systems are fully compatible with EBSCOhost.