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Does EBSCOhost work with Zotero?

Yes, EBSCOhost is a Zotero "compatible site." Zotero is a free research tool that runs within the Firefox browser. Zotero automatically captures citation information for research items obtained via the web. It allows you to easily collect, manage, and cite these results. You can then optionally organize saved results into custom folders, as well as annotate each item with your own notes, tags, attachments, and related information. Following a save to Zotero, all information captured by Zotero is accessible to you whether or not you have an active Internet connection.

There are a few ways to save information to Zotero from EBSCOhost:

  • After performing a search in EBSCOhost and retrieving a result list of multiple items, Zotero adds a folder icon at the end of the URL in the Firefox navigation toolbar as follows:

    folder icon

    Click the folder icon to display the Zotero Select Items list box and use the checkboxes to indicate which items to save to Zotero.

  • After performing a search in EBSCOhost and accessing a single item in an EBSCOhost result list, Zotero adds a document icon at the end of the URL in the Firefox navigation toolbar as follows:

    Item icon

    Click the document icon to save this item in Zotero.


To obtain detailed information about Zotero (including download instructions) visit:

Note: At this time no other EBSCO interfaces are compatible with Zotero.