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What if I'm not a member of a library? Can I use EBSCOhost Connection?

Anyone with an internet connection is welcome to search or browse in EBSCOhost Connection.  It offers access to information about millions of articles and information sources.  However, as a service designed to facilitate access to premium content, in order to view the full articles or information source, you must be affiliated with a library, university, school, or other institution subscribing to EBSCOhost services to have instant access to the content found in EBSCOhost Connection.

Simply locate your library by following the steps in the right-hand margin of EBSCOhost Connection.  If your library is a participant, you will be appropriately directed to the content you are seeking. EBSCOhost is available in tens of thousands of libraries and other institutions around the world.

If you are not currently affiliated with a library, we encourage you to contact your local library for access to a variety of solutions designed to help you find the information you need.