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Adding the EBSCOhost Toolbar to your Firefox browser - FAQs

What is the EBSCOhost Toolbar?
The EBSCOhost Toolbar provides a convenient search box right on your Firefox toolbar. Once you install the Toolbar, you can enter your search terms in the search box and search EBSCOhost right from your browser window.

How does the EBSCOhost Toolbar work?
Once you enter your search terms and click the Search icon on the Firefox toolbar, a persistent link is sent to If the patron is IP or cookie authenticated, the user is automatically logged in, the search is run, and any available results are displayed. If the library uses a different authentication method, a login screen is displayed. Once the patron logs in, the search is run and any available results are displayed.

How is the search conducted?
Once the user is authenticated, the first database on the first available profile is searched.


Can I select which databases to search from Firefox?
Yes, you can select which databases to search from Firefox.

  1. Navigate to this directory: C:Documents and Settings/Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/pzqwwvab.default/searchplugins.
  2. Right click on the file ebscohost.xml and choose OPEN WITH > NOTEPAD.
  3. In the template= section, add &db=aph after direct=true (or which ever dbcode you want to use) template="{searchTerms}".
  4. Select FILE>SAVE and then close the file.
  5. Close Firefox and then relaunch the browser.

How do I install the EBSCOhost Toolbar?

  1. Open the Firefox browser.
  2. Download the Firefox Toolbar installation file:
  3. Click on the file and follow the installation prompts. After the installation process is complete, the EBSCOhost Toolbar and search box will appear on your browser toolbar. Click within the Search Engine Bar to select the EBSCOhost Toolbar.

Can I remove the EBSCOhost Toolbar from my browser?
Yes, the EBSCOhost Toolbar can be removed from Firefox if needed.

  1. Navigate to this directory: C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxsearchplugins .
  2. Delete the files ebsco.gif and ebsco.src


Download the uninstaller (.EXE)


To provide feedback on the Toolbar, please Open a Case.