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In EBSCOadmin, what options are available to control when a CustomLink will display?

There are numerous filtering options to make sure that your CustomLinks only display when clicking on them delivers the desired result:

  • Mandatory Fields - Indicates fields that must have a value in order for the link to show.
    For a list of fields, see What fields can CustomLinks search?

  • Hide Link if Full Text - If your link is designed to send a user to full text and the full text of the article is already in EBSCOhost, you can hide the link.

  • Show Link if Item in Collection - If you have a list of titles for which you only want the link to display, you can create a collection in EBSCOadmin and use this filter.

  • Show Link if Item Not in Collection - If you have an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) form, you may want to create a list of titles you subscribe to, and use this filter so that your CustomLink to your ILL form only shows when it's not in that list.

  • Show on Result List - This will display your link below each citation on the Result List that meets those criteria you set for displaying the link.

  • Show on Detailed Display - If a user clicks on the title of an article, they will see the CustomLink display next to the View Links heading.

  • Show on Publication Search - If this is set, your CustomLink will display when the user searches using the Publication search feature. It will display after a user clicks on a specific publication.

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