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How do I set up EBSCOhost in my EZproxy server?

You should use the EBSCOhost configuration as indicated on the following OCLC web page:

If you have multiple EBSCOhost entries, you should make this change to the first EBSCOhost entry in your configuration file as EZproxy uses the first EBSCOhost entry it finds. Once this change has been made, you must reboot EZproxy for the changes to take effect.

To troubleshoot EZproxy configuration problems, you can check your ezproxy.msg file and run the Test Network Connectivity feature from your EZproxy administration page. Please also note that if you are using the proxy by port feature then you need to have a certain range of specific port numbers open on the firewall to accommodate the max virtual host limit. You will have accessing issues if any firewall ports are closed that are within the specified EZproxy port range. Please contact EZproxy at to help you find out which firewall ports are open or closed.


You might find the following EZproxy web pages helpful as well:


Please note: In order to view the AP Video Carousel on the EBSCOhost result list, you will need to add the following command line to your EZproxy stanza: