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How do I reset an expired or forgotten EBSCOadmin password?

If you have an active EBSCOadmin account, you can reset your EBSCOadmin password if you have forgotten it or it has expired.

Note: If you enter your EBSCOadmin password incorrectly after several several attempts your password will automatically be reset. You can then click the Forgot your Password? link to reset your password or contact EBSCO Technical Support.

To reset your password:

  1. To access EBSCOadmin, use the following URL: On the EBSCOadmin Login Screen, click the Forgot my password? Link. The Reset Your Password screen appears. 

  2. Enter your User ID and click Continue

  3. In the Secret Answer field, enter the answer to your Secret Question

  4. Click Continue.

    If you have answered correctly, you will receive an email with a link to change your password.

  5. Click the link and enter your new password. Your new password must be recognized as Strong by the system before you are able to save it.

    Please note you cannot reuse your previous EBSCOadmin password and must choose a new one that meets the Strong password guidelines.

  6. Click Submit.


  • If a Secret Question and Answer have not been set up for you, or if after several attempts, you cannot answer your Secret Question correctly, an error message will display. You should contact your institution's EBSCOadmin administrator or EBSCO Technical Support for assistance.

How to Get EBSCOadmin Login Credentials

If you are the primary administrator for your institution's EBSCOhost account and do not have your login credentials, please contact EBSCO Technical Support

If you are not the primary administrator for your institution, contact your administrator to learn how you can access EBSCOadmin.

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