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How do I request customized MARC21 Files?

In addition to the database-specific files that can be downloaded through EBSCOadmin, EBSCO provides a customization service for MARC21 Files. This service provides the following features:

  • A single, merged file can be sent to customers who subscribe to multiple EBSCOhost databases.

  • Files can be automatically emailed each month.

  • EBSCO will add a reference to the login page on the URL.

  • Proxy server support is available.

  • Customers can elect to receive all 035 fields from original CONSER records.

  • Uniform titles can be added to records.

  • Customers can select the format to be sent (MARC, HTML, tab-delimited, jake, or Excel).

  • Custom fields can be added to each MARC record.

To take advantage of EBSCO's MARC Customization option, contact EBSCO's Technical Support Group and supply the following information within the "How can we help?" field:

  • EBSCOhost customer ID

  • Contact person at your organization

  • Email address to which monthly files will be sent

  • Send files via FTP? If yes, also supply: FTP server, user name, password, directory

  • Indicate whether you would like the files zipped.

  • Format desired: MARC, HTML, tab-delimited, jake, Excel

  • Updates only? (applies only to MARC format)

  • List of full-text databases for which the files are being requested

  • Proxy details

  • Custom fields

  • Field #   Ind 1   Ind 2   Field text (use $ for subfield indicator - e.g. $a)

  • Other options:

    • Alternate login page - choose one of: athens.asp, custLogin.asp, cpidLogin.asp
    • Add suffix of 'ebs' to 001 field (avoid conflicts with CONSER numbers)
    • Include all 035 fields
    • Add uniform title (130/240 field)
    • Include key title (222 field)
    • Include EBSCO-assigned subject (650 field)
    • Include proxy information in URLs (856 field)