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What is the difference between sessions and logins in the EBSCOhost Usage Statistics generated in EBSCOadmin?

EBSCOadmin provides library administrators with the ability to track usage of their EBSCOhost products by generating reports and statistics.

The Database and Interface Usage Reports include a field called "Sessions." A session is considered one cycle of user activity that starts when a user connects to the service.

Login Usage Reports include a field called "Login Count." A login represents a user authentication into an EBSCO product. Login count is different than session count. In a typical scenario, there should only be one login; there could be one or more sessions, depending on how many different interfaces are accessed.

Please note: Currently, only requests that pass through are counted for the "Login Count" numbers in the IP Usage report. This means that sessions from Z39.50 clients as well as clients using our EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit will not be counted.