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What is the difference between a profile and a group in EBSCOadmin?

User groups represent a department or division, which can be defined within EBSCOadmin. One or more user groups can be set up for any customer. By setting up these user groups, you can customize access to EBSCOhost, and gather usage statistics. For example, an administrator may wish to set up a user group for remote users in order to track EBSCOhost usage by people off-site. 

By default, the user group "main" is created for your site. Additional user groups can be created to customize access to EBSCOhost. User groups are maintained in the Site/Group Maintenance window.

Profiles define the databases, collections, limiters, search screens, and other features end-users see when using EBSCOhost. Multiple profiles can be created for different user groups. Profiles can be maintained, activated or deactivated in the Profile Maintenance screen, and can be added or changed across user groups.

Authentication is at the user group level for end users. The login process identifies which customer they are affiliated with, and which user group they are part of. After login, the user can choose a profile.