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What is the difference between EBSCO CustomLinks and SmartLinks?

With EBSCO SmartLinks, users can easily follow an article citation in one database to the full text of that same article in another database. EBSCO SmartLinks provides linking between EBSCOhost databases where publications overlap. EBSCO SmartLinks+ facilitates linking between EBSCOhost and journal subscriptions purchased via EBSCO Subscriptions Service.  For more information on SmartLinks, click here.

CustomLinks are a feature of EBSCO that dynamically creates links from an EBSCOhost search result to related information on another web site. CustomLinks allow the library to provide seamless integration of the user’s EBSCOhost session with a publisher website, library catalog, A-Z publications list, or other web-based services.

CustomLinks work by allowing links to be calculated using a customer-controlled URL template. A customer can create URL templates for a wide variety of targets, including full text targets such as JSTOR. The appearance of these links (there can be more than one for a given record) can be controlled through the use of journal lists, presence of fields, e.g., only show this link if the record has an ISSN, or the existence of full text (hide an ILL link if the record has full text). The net result is that a library can create and control alternate links to full text and other services.

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