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What is SFX Linking and how do I set it up in EBSCOadmin?

SFX is a linking technology that facilitates context-sensitive linking between various web resources, and allows libraries to combine electronic resources to function as a cohesive, one-stop reference system. Such resources include full text, abstracting, indexing and citation databases, online library catalogs, interlibrary loan and document delivery systems, search engines, and other web resources.

EBSCOhost is currently SFX enabled. EBSCOhost customers who purchase SFX can configure their systems to allow SFX links to be embedded into EBSCOhost search results. They can also link from their library's SFX linking server to full text on EBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service (EJS), or in EBSCOhost databases. EBSCO has implemented true bi-directional linking with SFX. Below are the steps for library administrators to follow, to enable bi-directional links between EBSCOhost and their SFX server:

Setting up links from EBSCOhost to a library's SFX server:
  • Library administrators should email EBSCO Technical Support or contact EBSCO via telephone: (800) 758-5995, and indicate that they have an SFX server installed and would like to have a link to it from their EBSCOhost databases. The following information should be given to Technical Support:
    • The base URL for the library's SFX server, which is unique for each library customer: http://servername:port/sfx_local. This is the name of the library's SFX server, port number and the library's SFX database.
    • The EBSCOhost profile for which SFX is to be activated
    • The IP address (or range) of the computer(s) for testing purposes, to ensure that the OpenURL access will be restricted to this IP address (or range). Another option is login/password, for the testing period. Upon receipt of the above information, EP Tech Support will be able to set up an ILS link from EBSCOhost databases to the library's SFX server.

  • Alternatively, library administrators can set up links to an SFX server directly. Click here and scroll down to Item 2 in the resulting document, for information to enter in the CustomLinks section of EBSCOadmin, which can be found under the Customize Services main tab, Linking sub-tab.
Setting up links from a library's SFX server to EBSCOhost:

EBSCO allows bi-directional linking with SFX. A library administrator can request that a link be set up from the library's SFX server to EBSCOhost databases, which will allow access to EBSCOhost full text databases, as well as EBSCOhost EJS electronic content. Library administrators should provide SFX with the following information:

EBSCOhost Login information: UserID for the profile to be used in the form of customerID.groupID.profileID where:

  • custID = Your EBSCOhost customerID, e.g., s1234567
  • groupID = The identifier for the group the profile is under, e.g., main
  • profileID = The identifier for the profile, e.g., ehost

In the above example, the EBSCOhost login information would be s1234567.main.ehost.

EBSCOhost EJS Login information: custID, userID, password