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What fields and parameters can my link resolver use?

The following is a list of fields or parameters that can be used in a link to a library catalog, OpenURL resolver, (such as Full Text Finder), Interlibrary Loan form, or Document Delivery Service. A URL mask is used to capture specific fields of an article's citation. Within a URL mask, each field name is surrounded by { }.

{ISSN} - ISSN without a dash
{ISSN1} - ISSN with a dash
{JOURNAL} - Journal Title
{VOLUME} - Volume number
{ISSUE} - Issue number
{DATE} - Date of publication in YYYYMMDD format.
{DATEI} - Date of Publication in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
{YEAR} - Year of Publication
{AN} - Accession Number or Unique ID
{DOCTYPE} - Document Type
{PMID} - PubMed ID number (Only applies to MEDLINE)
{TITLE} - Article Title
{BOOK} - Book title
{LastName({AUTHOR})} - Only author's last name
{AUTHOR} - First author
{AUTHORS} - All authors in a semi-colon delimited list
{STRTPAGE} - Start page number
{PAGES} - Page range
{PAGECT} - Page count
{SICI} - Serial Item and Contribution Identifier
{DBCODE} - Short database name or code
{DATABASE} - Long database name
{DOI} - CrossRef Digital Object Identifier
{PUBTYPE} - Publication Type
{DISSERTATION} - Dissertation Title
{DIVISION} - Division
{INSTITUTE} - Institute
{CONFERENCE} - Conference
{SERIESTITLE} - The title of the series
{BOOKAUTHOR} - The author of the book
{STATUS} - Status field for EDS Catalog record in Catalog Holdings Table
{LOCATION} - Location field for EDS Catalog record in Catalog Holdings Table



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