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Troubleshooting Web Bridge CustomLinks for use in EBSCOhost

For troubleshooting issues related to your WebBridge CustomLink when linking out from the EBSCOhost databases:

The SID (service identifier) information that is carried over in your WebBridge CustomLink from EBSCOhost Web must match your WebBridge sid/rfr_id that you have for the WebBridge Management Origin.

To find the information that appears in your sid/rfr_id External Origin box, please go to the WebBridge Management Origin page in your WebBridge Admin Module.

Here's a specific example using Business Source Premier on how to setup your sid values.

WebBridge Management Origin sid/rfr_id: EBSCO:buh
EBSCOadmin WebBridge CustomLink query string: sid=EBSCO:{dbcode}


We recommend using the EBSCOhost database codes for your SID values. To set this up you'll want to do the following:

  1. In EBSCOadmin, make sure that your WebBridge CustomLink is using &sid=EBSCO:{dbcode} in the query string.

  2. In the WebBridge Admin Module, make sure that the WebBridge Management Origin contains the EBSCOhost database codes preceded by EBSCO: for each sid/rfr_id. (Please note there are no spaces.)

You can find a list of database codes at EBSCOhost Database Short Names List (Product Codes).

Please contact EBSCOhost technical support at or 800-758-5995 or Innovative Interfaces Inc if you have any questions.

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