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Shibboleth Federations - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you provide us with your latest metadata file?
A: Please see EBSCO Information Services Shibboleth Metadata File to get the latest XML file.

Q: Does your SP use an internal discovery service or are you planning to use our federation discovery service?
A: We use an internal discovery service.

Q: What attributes are required by your SP?
A: We require at least one of eduPersonScopedAffiliation or eduPersonEntitlement.

Q: Is there a required set of values or rules for eduPersonEntitlement and eduPersonScopedAffiliation?
A: There is no filter on the eduPersonEntitlement. The eduPersonScopedAffiliation is filtered to only accept values, the part to the left of the @ sign, in the following list:

  • faculty
  • student
  • staff
  • alum
  • member
  • affiliate
  • employee
  • library-walk-in

Q: How frequently does EP refresh federation metadata?
A: We update all of our metadata from each of the federations we are affiliated with every 60 minutes. If a customer has a question as to when their federation metadata was last updated, that information is available to Cust Sat on the Shib Maintenance tab in EBSCOadmin.

Q: Where is your certificate?
A: Go to in a browser such as Internet Explorer, then click on the lock in the browser. You can then view the certificate info, install it locally, view the public key, etc.

Q: Where can I find EP's privacy policy?
A: It is posted here: