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EBSCOadmin - How to set up SFX Linking

SFX is a linking technology that permits context sensitive linking between various web resources and allows libraries to combine electronic resources to function as a cohesive, one-stop reference system. Such resources include full text, abstracting, indexing and citation databases, online library catalogs, interlibrary loan and document delivery systems, search engines, and other Web resources.

EBSCOhost is currently SFX enabled and EBSCOhost customers who purchase SFX are able to configure their systems to allow SFX links to be embedded into EBSCOhost search results. They can also link from their library SFX linking server to full text on EBSCO Online or in EBSCOhost databases. EBSCO has implemented true bi-directional linking with SFX.

Below is the outline of steps to follow for Library Administrators to enable bi-directional links between EBSCOhost and their SFX server:

Setting up links from EBSCOhost to library SFX server
  1. Library Administrator should contact EBSCO Tech Support either by sending an e-mail to or calling at (800) 758-5995 and notifying Tech support that they have an SFX server installed and would like to enable a link from EBSCOhost databases to their SFX server. A library administrator should provide Tech Support with the following information:

    1. Base URL for library SFX server (base URL is unique for each library customer):
      http://servername:port/sfx_local - this is the name of library SFX server, port number and library SFX database.

    2. EBSCOhost profile that will have SFX activated.

    3. IP address/IP range of the computer(s) to test to make sure the OpenURL-access will be restricted to this IP address/IP range. Another option is login/password for the testing period..

    Upon receiving the above information, Tech Support will be able to set up an ILS link from EBSCOhost databases to library SFX server.

  2. Alternatively, library administrators can directly set up links to an SFX server entering the following information in the “advanced screen” of EBSCOadmin:

    Base URL: http://servername:port/sfx_local
    (unique for each library customer)
    URL mask: ?genre=article&issn={ISSN}&title={JOURNAL}&volume={VOLUME}&issue={ISSUE}&date={DATE}&atitle={TITLE}&spage={STRTPAGE}&sid=EBSCO:{dbCode}&pid={AUTHORS}{AN}{DATE}{DBCODE}
    Mandatory fields: JOURNAL
    Window properties: change the window parameters to:
    window name = SFXmenu,
    location = no,
    status = yes,
    menubar = no,
    scrollbars = yes,
    resizable = yes,
    width = 460,
    height = 420
    Link Text: “SFX link menu”
    Link Icon: http://servername:port/sfx_local/sfx.gif
    (unique for each library customer)
    Mouse over text: “Check SFX for a menu of link options for this item. A new window will open”
    Display in new Window: Yes
    Window name: SFXmenu
    Show on result list: (determined by a library customer)
    Hide link if full text: No
    Show if: if item in local collection
    if item not in local collection
    (determined by a library customer)
    Local collection for filter: (determined by a library customer)

  3. Z39.50 Fetch (optional)

    Z39.50 access to the EBSCOhost databases can be used by SFX to fetch additional metadata to augment the metadata received on the OpenURL.

    The Library Administrator should contact EBSCO Tech Support to receive a Z39.50 username and password for the EBSCOhost server. This Z39.50 username/password needs to be filled in the local source configuration file on the SFX server.

Setting up links from library SFX server to EBSCOhost

EBSCO allows bi-directional linking with SFX. A library administrator can request to set up a link from the library SFX server to EBSCOhost databases that will allow access to EBSCOhost full text databases as well as EBSCO Online electronic content. Library administrators should provide SFX with the following information:

  • EBSCOhost Login information:

    userID for the profile to be used in the form of .. where:
          = your EBSCOhost customerID... e.g. s123456
          = the identifier for the group the profile is under... e.g. main
          = the identifier for the profile... e.g. web

    In the above example, the EBSCOhost Login information would be s123456.main.web

  • EBSCO Online Login information:

    custID, userID

Important note: In order to link from the SFX server to EBSCO, Library Administrators need to register their library outside IP range in EBSCOadmin system. Only registered customers will be able to link to EBSCO.