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EBSCOadmin - Retrieving Statistics

Institution administrators can gain access to EBSCO usage statistics by logging into EBSCOadmin with their admin user ID and password. This is different than the login credentials used for access to the EBSCOhost databases.

If you are an institution’s administrator and do not have your EBSCOadmin login information, you can obtain it by contacting EBSCO Technical Support at 800-758-5995 or emailing

To retrieve EBSCO usage statistics:

  1. Access EBSCOadmin at the following URL and log in with your ID and password.

  2. Upon logging in, you will be brought to the Customize Service tab of EBSCOadmin. Click on the Standard Reports tab found at the top of the screen.

    Retrieving Statistics

  3. On the Usage Reports sub-tab, you will see several reporting options are available:

    • To view a report of the total number of EBSCOhost sessions and searches with full text requests, click the Sessions radio button.

    • To view a report of the number of sessions and searches broken down by individual database searched, click the Database radio button.

    Retrieving Statistics

  4. After choosing the type of report, select the date range for which you would like the report to display results. You can have the report display with your date range broken down by month or display usage for the calendar year.

  5. To view the report in your web browser, click Show Report.

    Retrieving Statistics

    If displayed in your web browser, your session report will appear as follows.

    Retrieving Statistics


  6. To have the report emailed to you, click E-mail Report. You will be asked to enter your e-mail address and select the format you wish the report to be sent in.

    Select HTML for viewing in your web browser or select Comma or Tab Delimited for a file that can be imported into Microsoft Excel.

    Click Submit and your report will be emailed to you shortly.

    Retrieving Statistics