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EBSCOadmin Options for Medical Librarians

Setting up the Search Experience for the Medical Library -- Features that can be adjusted in EBSCOadmin of Special Interest to the Medical Library

Note: There are many new EBSCOadmin options available to customize the search interface and also the result list. This provides a listing of features (new and old) that medical sites often want to customize. It is NOT an exhaustive list of every feature available in EBSCOadmin. Tech Support ( is happy to assist with EBSCOadmin and in customization work. There are also tutorials, help sheets, and user guides on EBSCOadmin on the Support Site (

Links are provided throughout this document and will provide additional information.

Customizing the Search Interface

Access Support Site Tutorial – "EBSCOadmin Overview"
Link: EBSCOadmin Overview

Select Search Interface Default
(Basic, Advanced Guided, Advanced Single Find)
For questions on selecting the Style of Find Field: How do I select the style of Find field on EBSCOhost Advanced Search?

Search Modes
Select default for Search Mode
Search Modes can be suppressed.
For questions on selecting the Search Mode: What are the Search Modes in EBSCO Discovery Service, EBSCOhost?

Boolean Phrase Search Mode

This can default to an adjacency, or library sites can configure this option to default to using a proximity operate “within x number of words” or “near x number of words”.

For questions on customizing the Boolean Phrase search mode:
What are the Precision Operator and Precision Distance options in the EBSCOadmin Search Modes settings?

Expanders can be selected to be defaulted ‘on’.
Expanders can be suppressed.

Library sites have the option to display/suppress limiters. Library sites can also rearrange the location of the limiters on the search screen. Through rearrangement of limiters, libraries can select which three check off box limiters appear on the left hand column of the result list.


Select Suggest Subject Heading Option
Can be defaulted on or off.
Can also not be displayed.

Can be defaulted on or off.

Can be defaulted on or off.

Clear Search Box after Clicking Search
This can be enabled via EBSCOadmin.

Run SmartText Search When Query Returns No Results
This can be turned on or off.

Authority Control Files


  • Automatic Explode
    In databases such as CINAHL & MEDLINE, which have an ‘explode’ option in the thesaurus, it is possible to enable terms to automatically explode when selected.

  • Combining Subject Headings in Thesaurus (AND, OR)
    Site can select which operator is defaulted on in the thesaurus.

  • Thesaurus Searching
    Site can select Browse Mode for term searched
    Term Begins With, Term Contains, Relevancy Ranked.

Results View

Number of Results Displayed Per Page
Site can select the default for the number of results displayed per page.

Result List View
Site can select the view of the results list, title, standard, detailed, brief.

Result List Default Order
Site can select the default for the result list order. Select from Date Descending, Date Ascending, Relevance, Source.

Show Clustered Results
This refers to the left hand column on the results list labeled “Narrow Your Results”.

Select and Order the Display of Cluster Facets
The Source Type facet defaults to display at the top of the column. Other facets such as age, gender, major subject heading can be selectively ordered within the column. A facet can be selected to always default ‘open’ or to be suppressed.

Results Delivery

Default Setting for Remove these Items from Folder after Printing, Emailing/Saving
Many sites choose to default this off. Users often like results to remain in their folder till they choose to remove.

Include Current Search History with Results
Many medical libraries like to include this with results delivery. If selected it is defaulted on. User can choose to default off prior to results delivery.

Maximum Citations to Print, Email, Save
This should be modified to at least 500 citations.

Display Library Name in Emails
This allows for library branding of emails generated from EBSCOhost. It provides a marketing opportunity for the library.


Link to Support Site Flash tutorial – “Branding”
Link: EBSCOadmin Branding

  • Customize Search Experience
  • Branding
  • Skinnability
  • Site can select the coloration of the search interface.
  • Exit to Library Web Page
  • Ask a Librarian
Additional Features

For assistance with enabling or customizing the following features in EBSCOhost, contact Technical Support at 1-800-758-5995 or

Single Citation Matcher
The Citation Matcher search screen lets you search for article citations for which you have incorrect or incomplete information.

Export Results
EBSCOhost offers the ability to export up to 5000 search results at once.
Is it possible to export all of my EBSCOhost search results at once?

Online Help for EBSCOadmin

CINAHL Support Center
For more information on customization in EBSCOadmin, refer to the FAQ’s on the CINAHL Support Center:

If you have any technical questions, email