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Add to LibGuides CustomLink

The Add to LibGuides CustomLink functionality lets you create URLs for results in your Result List using the record’s metadata. We take the title of the book or article and a permalink and pass that to  LibGuides’ Add To LibGuides bookmarklet feature. This creates an easy-to-use link in EDS that eliminates the need to re-type in titles and permalinks and juggle multiple windows when adding items from EDS to your LibGuides content boxes.

Before you begin, consider if you want your users to see this CustomLink on your main searching profile (EDS or EBSCOhost Research databases). Chances are you don't and so  you  should first create an alternate profile for your LibGuide Administrators to access using the Copy Profile option in EBSCOadmin.  Instructions on creating a new profile are available here:  EBSCOadmin - How to Create a New Profile .

Once you have selected the profile you wish to add it to, fill out this form:

This will provide you with the Base URL and Query String you will need below for creating the CustomLink below.

To create an Add to LibGuides link:

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin .
  2. Click the Site/Group Maintenance button, then click on Go below CustomLinks.
  3. Click on Add New CustomLink.
  4. Select Create New CustomLink and click on Continue.
  5. Fill in the following fields:
    • Link Name: EDS - Add to LibGuides
    • Select Other from the Category drop down list.
    • Link Text and Mouse-over Text: Add to LibGuides
    • Link Icon:
    • Base URL & Query String
    • Mandatory Fields: {TITLE},{AN}
    • Select YES for "Show on Results List" and/or "Show on Detailed Record"
  6. Click Submit

For assistance in configuring CustomLinks please contact Customer Support.