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How can I upload a list of my institution's IP addresses to EBSCOadmin?

EBSCOadmin allows administrators to upload a list of IP addresses for authenticating users.

This can save you time if your institution has a large number of IP addresses.

To upload an IP Address List:

  1. Click the Authentication Tab. From the drop-down lists on the toolbar, select the site you want to work with.

  2. Select the profile that you want to work with. Click the IP Address Sub-Tab.

  3. Click the Upload IP Address List Link. The Upload IP Address Screen appears.

  4. In the Field Delimiter field, you can enter any single character; or a space; or a tab space.

  5. In the Text Delimiter field, you can enter a text delimiter (such as ") used to enclose the fields containing embedded commas. (The field delimiter and text delimiter are needed to determine how the information is separated in the file.)

  6. In the IP Address field, enter the column number of the IP Address field in your text file. Do not enter a literal text value for this field.

  7. In the Group ID field, if your text file contains IP addresses for multiple user groups, enter the number of the column containing the group ID field. If your text file does not contain this field, enter the user group ID.

  8. In the Add/Delete Mode field, indicate whether the record should be added or deleted. Enter an A to Add, a D to Delete.

  9. In the File Location field, enter the location where the file should be uploaded. You can use the Browse button to navigate to the correct location.

    You will not be able to upload the file if your browser is not JDK 1.1 compatible or you are accessing EBSCOadmin through a firewall and port 5001 is blocked. You may upload the file using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later (to resolve the first issue) or send the file to EBSCO Technical Support.

  10. If you want an e-mail sent upon completion, enter the e-mail address in the Notify via E-mail upon Completion field.

  11. Click Submit. The list of IP addresses will be uploaded.