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How do I upload a User Defined field list in EBSCOadmin?

EBSCOadmin allows Consortium administrators to create User Defined fields which can be used in reporting.

Administrators can upload a list of user defined fields in EBSCOadmin, allowing them to upload or modify several user defined fields at one time.

To upload a User-Defined Field List (consortium only):

  1. Click the Site/Group Maintenance button in the toolbar.

  2. From either the Consortium or Site Sub-Tabs, click the Upload User Defined Field List Link.

  3. In the Field Delimiter field, you can enter any single character; or a space; or a tab space.

  4. In the Text Delimiter field, you can enter a text delimiter (such as ") used to enclose the fields containing embedded commas. (The field delimiter and text delimiter are needed to determine how the information is separated in the file.)

  5. In the Site ID field, enter the column number of the site ID field in your text file. Do not enter a literal text value for this field. Your text file must contain the site ID field.

  6. In the File Location field, enter the location where the upload file is located. Click the Browse button to navigate to the correct location.

  7. If you want an e-mail sent upon completion, enter the e-mail address in the Notify via E-mail upon Completion field.

  8. Click Submit. The list of user-defined fields will be uploaded.