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How do I upload a MARC file as a Local Collection?

Using EBSCOadmin, you can upload a MARC file as a local collection. Before you can upload a list of titles to a collection you must create the collection.

To upload a MARC file as a local collection:

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin:

  2. Click the Local Collections Tab.

  3. In the Local Collections Screen, select the name of the collection link you want to view (make note of the Collection ID).

  4. Click Go under the Setup/Maintain Titles column.

  5. Select Upload Local Titles Link.

  6. Select File Type: MARC 21.

  7. When entering field information for the type of file you are uploading, fields with an asterisk (*) are required. All field numbers must be enclosed in [ ] (square brackets). Otherwise, they will be read as literal text.

    Field Names:

    • Collection ID* – Enter your collection ID. (This field is sometimes automatically filled in but it might not be the proper collection ID. Also note that this field does not use brackets [ ] around the collection ID.)

    • ISSN/ISBN* – Enter the field number (as field:subfield) between brackets [ ] of the ISSN/ISBN field in your MARC file.

    • Title* – Enter the field number (as field:subfield ) between brackets [ ] of the title field in your MARC file.

    • Notes – Enter the field number (as field:subfield) between brackets [ ] containing Local Notes in your MARC file or leave blank. NOTES only displays on detailed display of the citation after the Yes Message.

    • Yes Message – Enter the field number (as field:subfield) between brackets [ ] containing the Yes Message from your MARC file. This field is used if you want an individual Yes Message for each title. This feature is used when you select this collection for the Local Message Collection under the Viewing Results tab. Otherwise, you can customize the Yes Message for all titles in the Setup/Maintain Titles mode using the CHANGE ALL feature for a specific title.

  8. Select an update mode:

    • Append – This is the default. It will add to the existing collection.

    • Replace – If selected, this will replace the existing collection with the brand new file being uploaded.

  9. Enter a file location – Enter the full path name for the file to be uploaded. (Click Browse to navigate to the drive and directory required.)

  10. Notify via Email upon Completion - To be notified via email when the file has been uploaded, enter an email address. Otherwise, leave this field blank.

  11. Click Submit. Your changes are saved.

Note: Before uploading a MARC file as Local Collection, you can use a MARC editor program to view field numbers by converting your MARC record and then opening the converted file. When you are ready to upload your MARC title list, use your original file and not the converted file. The converted file is simply for you to view the field numbers for use in EBSCOadmin.

  • Using your converted MARC record, write down appropriate field numbers including the specific subfield for title and ISSN or ISBN.

  • In EBSCOadmin, to enter $a subfields, you just need to use a colon ( : ) in place of $ (for example: 020$a for ISBN number would be [020:a] in EBSCOadmin)

  • Please note that multiple fields like ISBN 020$a will upload all ISBN numbers.