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How do I set up Shibboleth/SAML Authentication?

The Shibboleth/SAML sub-tab allows administrators to set up and enable Shibboleth authentication.

Note: Before setting up Shibboleth authentication in EBSCOadmin, you should contact the federation to which your institution belongs--the federation should provide the region and either the affiliation (eduPersonScopedAffiliation) or entitlement (eduPersonEntitlement) information you will enter in EBSCOadmin.


If you are using Shibboleth to authenticate your users, you must set up your Shibboleth affiliations.

To set up Shibboleth authentication: 

  1. Click the Authentication Tab then click the Shibboleth/SAML Sub-Tab.

  2. Click the Add Group Mapping Link.

    The Add Group Mapping Screen appears.

  3. Select the Group ID for which you want to set up Shibboleth authentication.

  4. Federation – From the drop-down list, select the region or group to which your institution belongs. This fills the selections in the Institution field.

  5. Institution – From the drop-down list, select the name of your institution.

  6. Scoped Affiliation – Enter the affiliation information provided by your federation.

  7. Entitlement – Enter the entitlement information provided by your federation.

  8. Click Submit. The affiliation is added to your list of Shibboleth affiliations.

Once your groups are mapped, your patrons will use to access EBSCOhost.

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