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How do I set up EBSCOhost Connection?

EBSCOhost Connection is designed to direct your patrons to EBSCOhost when searching via an Internet search engine. You can choose to have the patron authenticate into EBSCOhost, or alternatively, direct them to a URL such as your library home page.

To set up EBSCOhost Connection:

  1. Click the Site/Group Maintenance button. Click the Go Link below EBSCOhost Connection.

  2. The Modify EBSCOhost Connection Screen appears, with the Site Name and Site ID fields completed.

  3. Site Display Name - Enter your library name as you want it displayed on the EBSCOhost Connection site. If you do not enter any custom text in this field, the default is the library name.

  4. EBSCOhost Connection Allowed - Mark the check box if you want to enable EBSCOhost Connection. (Defaults to Off.) If you are administering a library consortium, indicate whether you are enabling the feature for the Current Site and/or all Child Sites.

  5. Apply existing proxy settings - Mark the check box if you want existing proxy settings applied to EBSCOhost Connection.

  6. Proxy Name drop-down list - From the drop-down list, select a proxy name for the specified site. Default is the first proxy in their list (or blank if none exist). If you marked the "Apply existing proxy settings" check box, you must select a proxy name. If none have been set up, click the Setup Maintain Proxies link, and complete the fields on that screen.

  7. Authentication - From the drop-down list, select the method of authentication you want to use: User ID/Password, etc.

  8. Direct Users to this URL - If you want your patrons to link to your library home page (rather than authenticating to EBSCOhost), enter that URL in the text-entry field.

  9. Click Submit. EBSCOhost Connection is now enabled.