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How do I run personalization activity reports in EBSCOadmin?

Personalization Activity reports in EBSCOadmin allow administrators to view statistics on how personalization features are being utilized at their institution.

Make your report selections.

  1. Click Reports & Statistics in the tool bar at the top of the screen.

  2. Click Standard Reports under EBSCOhost/EDS, then click the Personalization Activity Report Sub-Tab.

  3. Select Option: Defaults to Account Statistics.

  4. Level: Where the Level field appears, select the level at which you want to run the report. Select one: Site or Group. (Data is not recorded at the profile level.)

  5. Fields to Show: Select which fields you want to show on the report by marking the check boxes as needed. The selections vary depending on which report you are running.

  6. Sort Report by: Where Sort Report by appears, select from the drop-down list how the report should be sorted.

  7. Lines Per Page: Enter the number of lines per each page of the report.

  8. Format: Select an output format: HTML, comma delimited, or tab delimited.

You can view the report on-screen.

  1. Click Show Report.

  2. When you have finished viewing the report, click Close.

You can e-mail the report in a variety of formats.

  1. Click E-mail Report. Enter your e-mail address and a report description in the text fields.

  2. Select an output format-HTML, comma delimited, or tab delimited. Click Submit. A confirmation message is displayed.

You can schedule the report to be run another time.

  1. Click Schedule Report.

  2. Make your selections on this screen, and click Submit. A confirmation message is displayed.