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How do librarians/EBSCOhost administrators modify the language of the EBSCOhost login screens?

Using a customized URL, librarians/EBSCOhost administrators can change the text language of the User ID/Password, CPID or Patron Files login screens.

Users can use the following URLs for access to EBSCOhost using a specific language:

 Authentication Type  Login URL
 User ID and Password
 Patron Files

Note: You must replace the custid=xxxx with your customer id after the custid= and the lang=xx needs to be replaced with one of the languages below:

 Language  Suffix
 Arabic   lang=ar 
 Bahasa Indonesian  lang=id
 Brazilian Portuguese  lang=pt-br
 Croatian  lang=hr
 Czech  lang=cs
 Dutch  lang=nl
 English  lang=en
 French  lang=fr
 German  lang=de
 Greek  lang=el
 Hebrew  lang=he
 Hungarian  lang=hu
 Italian  lang=it
 Japanese  lang=ja
 Korean  lang=ko
 Polish  lang=pl
 Romanian  lang=ro
 Russian  lang=ru
 Simplified Chinese  lang=zh-cn
 Slovenian  lang=sl
 Spanish  lang=es
 Thai  lang=th
 Traditional Chinese  lang=zh-tw
 Turkish  lang=tr