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Can I modify how subject facets appear on my institution's result list?

Yes, the EBSCOhost Result List can display results by subject facets. Facets organize search results into groups based on categories such as subject headings, authors, and journals. Your patrons may find faceted results helpful if they want to discover the major subject groups for a topic without having to read individual articles or browse through several pages of results to see if they are relevant.

To display subject facets on the Result List:

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at

  2. From the drop-down list, select the EBSCOhost profile that you want to change. 

  3. Click the Viewing Results sub-tab.

  4. Scroll down to the Show Clustered Results parameter. Set the parameter to Yes.

  5. In the Select and Order Clusters for Display parameter - Click the Modify link to change how the facets are displayed on the Result List.

  6. To specify the order in which the subject facets should appear in the "Narrow Results by Subject" column on the EBSCOhost Result List, enter a number in the Order field to the left of the Cluster Name.

  7. Customize the label for a facet by entering a new name in the field provided in the Cluster Name column.

  8. In the Show check box, mark whether each facet should appear on the Result List. The "Subject" facet defaults to Show. You can scroll through the list of Databases and view which databases are assigned to each facet.

  9. Click Submit.  


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