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How do I enable (or disable) a database on a Profile?

To be able to search EBSCOhost or EBSCO Discovery Service, you must enable at least one database on the profile being searched. In EBSCOadmin, you can enable databases on the profile and change the order in which they appear on the Choose Database screen.

Note these instructions can be used to disable a database from your profile by selecting "Off" in Step 6 below.

To add databases to the Profile:

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at

  2. Select the profile and click the Databases Sub-Tab. The Databases Screen displays.

    Databases Sub Tab

  3. Select to view Enabled, Disabled, or All databases from the Show drop-down menu.

    • Enabled - Displays all databases enabled on the profile.

    • Disabled - Displays all databases not enabled on the profile.

    • All - Displays all available databases, beginning with those enabled on the profile.

  4. New Content Automatically Enabled - Set to No to prevent new content, database subscriptions, or product offerings from automatically being added to the profile.

  5. To change the order in which the databases appear on the Choose Database screen, in the Order field, enter the order numbers. If you assign the same number to multiple databases, they will be ordered adjacent to each other in an undetermined order.

  6. Enabled – Indicate whether the database should be enabled on profile.

  7. Start Page - For each database, select which Search Screen should be presented if the user is taken directly to a Search Screen, or when the user chooses this database from the Choose Database screen. The selections vary by database.

  8. Default to Selected - Indicate whether the database should be selected by default on the Choose Database Screen.

  9. Fields - If you want to modify the EBSCO field defaults that are included when Saving or Printing citations, click the Go link to the right of the database name. The Field Defaults screen will display. (You can indicate whether the fields should default to On or Off when Customized Field Format is selected on the Print or Save page.)

  10. Limiters - If you want to modify the limiters for a database, click the Go link to the right of the database name. The Database Limiters Screen will display.

  11. Click Submit. Your changes have been saved.

Note: When adding databases to a DynaMed profile, they are configured as Related Medical Information sources that appear in the right column of the DynaMed results page.

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