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How can I e-mail a list of sites in my consortium?

EBSCOadmin allows consortium administrators to e-mail a list of all sites that are a part of their consortium.

To e-mail a site list (consortium only):

  1. Click the Site/Group Maintenance button in the toolbar.

  2. From either the Consortium or Site Sub-Tabs, click the E-mail Site List Link.

  3. Enter the E-mail Address where you want to send the report.

  4. Output format - Select whether the output format for the report file should be comma delimited or tab delimited.

  5. Report Name - Defaults to "Site List." You can change the name by editing the information in the text entry field.

  6. Select Fields that you want to show: Site ID, Site Name, User Defined Field 1, or User Defined Field 2.

  7. Click Submit.