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Can I display EBSCOhost databases by subject area on the search screens?

Yes, EBSCOhost databases can be chosen by subject area from the search screens. This feature is most useful if you have several databases that cover different subject areas.

On the search screen, the user clicks Choose Databases by Subject above the Find field and chooses the subject area that best meets his searching needs. The appropriate databases are automatically selected and searched.

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To display databases by subject areas:

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at

  2. Choose the EBSCOhost profile you want to modify from the drop-down list.

  3. Under Customize Services, click the Searching sub-tab.

  4. Set the Group Databases by Subject Header radio button to On.

  5. Click the Modify link to the right of Customize Group Databases by Subject.

  6. On the Customize Grouping Databases by Subject Screen, you can use the EBSCO default groups, or create new groups. 

  7. Click Submit to save your changes.

The Subject Headings list will appear when users select the Choose Databases link from the Basic or Advanced Search Screens. The subject headings also appear on the initial Choose Databases screen. Users can still select individual databases by clicking the Databases A-Z link on the initial Choose Databases screen.

To create a new database group:

  1. On the Customize Grouping Databases by Subject Screen, click the Add a Group link. The Add a New Group Screen appears. 

  2. Group Caption – enter the group name in the text-entry field. This is the group name that will appear in the Select a Group to Search drop-down list on EBSCOhost

  3. Add Databases to your Group – the databases to which the library subscribes are listed. Mark the check box to the right of each database that you want to include in the group. (You must select at least one database to include in the group. Also, you can include a database in more than one group.) 

  4. Click Submit. You are returned to the Customize Grouping Databases by Subject Screen with your new database group name displayed.

Note: If you do not display your databases by subject area, your databases will display in the Choose Databases window alphabetically by database name.

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