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How do I customize how expanders appear using EBSCOadmin?

Expanders let EBSCOhost/EBSCO Discovery Service users broaden the scope of their searches. They do this by widening the search to include words related to keywords or including the actual text of the full text results in the search. Administrators can use EBSCOadmin to customize which expanders are available to users, as well as whether they are selected by default.

To customize how Expanders display:

  1. Select the profile and click the Modify Link to the right of the Expanders field.

  2. In the Show check box, mark whether the expander should appear on the Basic and Advanced Search Screens.

    Expander settings
    • Thesaurus - Applied related words from the thesaurus to expand your results.

    • Full Text - Searches for your terms within the full text of articles in the database.

    • Enhanced Subject Precision - Searches subjects related to your search terms to expand your results. (Default setting for EDS = On, default setting for EBSCOhost = Off.)

  3. If you want to change the language in which the expanders are displayed, in the Edit Expander Label for field, select the language from the drop-down list. You can also edit the expander label text.

  4. If you click Default to Selected "On," this indicates that the expander should be selected by default on the EBSCOhost expanders area of the Search Screen.

  5. Click Submit.


  • The display of expanders on Search screens varies by interface. For example, expanders display on Basic Search on EBSCOhost, however, on the Business Searching Interface, expanders are applied to Basic Search but not displayed on the Search screen.

  • The Enhanced Subject Precision expander is available only on EBSCOhost, EBSCOhost Mobile and EBSCO Discovery Service interfaces.

  • The Enhanced Subject Precision expander is different from the other two expanders. It is ON by default behind the scenes. To turn this expander OFF, keep the SHOW box checked and set Default to Selected = OFF. If you uncheck the SHOW box, the underlying default behavior is ON, regardless of the Default-to-Selected setting, which means Enhanced Subject Precision will be applied to searches.