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How can I copy a User Group in EBSCOadmin?

EBSCOadmin allows consortium administrators to copy User Groups, including all of the existing profiles and settings.

This can be useful if you would like to create a separate user group for a different group of patrons, such as remote users versus on-campus users.

If you want to copy information from an existing group into a new group, you must add the new group first.

Please note, you must be the administrator for a consortium to use the Copy Group feature.

 To copy a user group:

  1. Click the Site/Group Maintenance button in the toolbar.

  2. Click the Group Sub-Tab and then click the Copy Group Link. The Copy Group Screen displays.

  3. In the Source Info area, from the Site and Group drop-down lists select the site and group that you want to copy.

  4. In the Target Info area, from the Site list, select the site(s) to which you want to copy the source's information.

  5. When you have finished making your selections on this screen, click Submit.